Guernsey | Travel Diaries

The cruise ship arrived in Guernsey in the early morning just in time for us to watch the sunrise. The town was quiet, with very few people roaming the streets. Many of the cruise ship passengers didn’t get off until later on in the morning, but my family and I were very eager to see what Guernsey had to offer.


We docked in Saint Peter Port, and our first stop was Castle Cornet, which was a short walk from the cruise ship terminal. Though we were there hours before the doors were open to the public, it was very peaceful to walk around the exterior while admiring the architecture of the landmark.

We then made our way to Hauteville House which is where the author of Les MisérablesVictor Hugo, lived for a period of his life. Hauteville House is open to the public as a museum, but we did not go in.

We then took a stroll through High Street, which was filled with a variety of boutiques, local stores, and cafés. The streets were narrow and beautifully decorated with triangle banners and gorgeous flowers.

Our last stop was to Candie Gardens where we got to admire a beautiful ocean view, as well as visit a statue commemorating Victor Hugo. It was a bit of a hike to get there, but the scenery was quite beautiful.



Our time in Guernsey was short since the cruise ship was only docked there for a few hours. Though it’s not a big city, my family and I enjoyed Saint Peter Port, Guernsey very much. In fact, it’s probably one of our favourites for how quaint the town was.

Cobh and Cork in Ireland is where we’re off to next!


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